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Ralph G. Brancaccio

My work is created for a mass audience. I ask people to re-examine their surroundings and how they relate to the people they live and travel among. I use common objects or what is familiar to challenge the way we have been taught to think in order to break down barriers, which prevent compassion and equality for mankind.

In 1998 the Maire de Paris Culture, sponsored a show “D’Egouts et des Couleurs” in the Musa des Egout in Paris. They also commissioned a New Years card for 1999 off a Paris manhole cover. Also in 1998 my sculptures were placed in New York City and Providence, RI. In 2001 I was commissioned by the Bronfmans and created glass pieces and a theme froma manhole cover in the south of France for festivities in israel, France and Italy. I am currently working on placing ten sculptures in Philadelphia for a project titled “Y” and working towards an exhibition of manhole cover prints at the Museum of the City of New York.