In the year 2000, TransCultural Exchange launched its first "Coaster Project" at the 2000 London Biennale, followed by a second, global version in conjunction with their show in 2002 at New York City's Trans Hudson Gallery and a 10th anniversary of the project at Toronto's 2012 BIG on Bloor Festival. For the first version, the members of TransCultural Exchange made artworks in the form of coasters that were exhibited and then distributed, free of charge, under unsuspecting patron's drinks at London's Cynthia's Cyberbar and New York's Telephone Bar. What followed next was TransCultural Exchange's first truly, global art project. Using the then fledgling Internet, TransCultural Exchange solicited artists around the world to participate in The Coaster Project, Destination: the World. The result: Between March 9 and May 19, 2002, 99+ artists transcended geographical, political and cultural boundaries to stage 99+ exhibitions throughout the world. Afterwards, all 10,000+ artworks were given away in the guise of "coasters" at bars, cafes and restaurants.



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