S.L.A.P. AiR
A Martha’s Vineyard residency program for site-specific art.

Photo Credit: Snezana Petrovic
front view

Katrin Roos
bare tree stems, logs, lichen and wire

Roos writes, "On either side of what feels like a threshold to a certain area of the park stood two upright, bare trees, almost like two sentries, that I transformed into ladder-like-sculptures. In one case, I wove lichen, found on the ground, into long wire-sewn garlands. These garlands are strung horizontally between two sets of trunks spreading out in fork-like directions toward the sky. In a second case, two tree trunks were connected by horizontal notched, branch sections /cum ladder rungs, which shot up vertically about 25' into the air. I used perfect horizontals that are otherwise unnatural to the park. I wish that through encountering this threshold a passerby experiences both the horizontal force of the forest and the vertical momentum given by Skywards."