S.L.A.P. AiR
A Martha’s Vineyard residency program for site-specific art.

Photo Credit: Amy Nelson

Kim Radochia
reclaimed wood, 12' x 24' x 12'

As Radochia writes, "On my first visit with our host Claudia and the other artists, I responded to what I call the entry into the Wilder Woods. At this entry, once you pass the opening in the stonewall, there was a wide open space under the trees' canopies dappled with sunlight, flat and meandering, broad and sweeping that called for something generous in volume and scale. Formally, I wanted to create a counterpoint to two already existing somewhat grotesque gnarled swamp maples that you pass by a little further down the path. Perhaps these trees set the tone for my sculptural piece, which has qualities that look somewhat scary, whimsical, playful, and organic all at once. I wanted to begin the adventure and discovery on this main path."