S.L.A.P. AiR
A Martha’s Vineyard residency program for site-specific art.

Photo Credit: Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson
found branch, netting, bark, white paint, ~ 20' x 30' diameter

"Arriving on Martha's Vineyard just one week after Hurricane Irene," Nelson writes, "I was set free to explore a magical wood. While wandering the area, I stumbled upon this huge branch, which was easily 20' tall and 30' in diameter, as its limbs reached out across the forest floor. The branch had come crashing to the ground in the violent storm. I saw such beauty and potential in this natural transition of life. The ground from which it grew had welcomed it home. "Now the small, seemly weak limbs that had once swayed freely with the wind displayed their strength. Collectively, they offered support to the larger branch that had sprouted and supported them. After removing the dying leaves from the structure, I stretched netting from the branches, where they split, to enhance their relationship to one another. Their differing paths strengthened their relationship as one branched into two, two into four, then eight, then sixteen. Each individual branch took its own path, yet created a balance within the group. When disaster strikes the strength of their relationship is undeniable. The white spray paint unifies the limbs as they meet, unexpectedly, in a common place."