S.L.A.P. AiR
A Martha’s Vineyard residency program for site-specific art.

Photo Credit: Jen Brown

Dave Brown
stone and cedar 6'3"; and stone 30"

"My submitted works," Brown writes, "were sited for different reasons. The larger 6' stone cairn, stuffed with cedar shavings by the pond, was really placed just because it's such a beautiful spot to stand and breath and relax. Any work placed here suffers in comparison to the beauty already present and my work is no exception. However, my work is a meditation and this is a wonderful location for hours of meditation. "I like my pieces to blend into the surroundings and take the visitor by surprise. Firstly, by being nature out of context. Secondly, by looking like the structure is impossibly precarious. Lastly, that the form itself is pleasing when the initial surprise fades to understanding. Nothing I've done has been titled. They are all meditations and to give them names would only confuse what they mean to me. What they mean to others is not to be guided by a label. Enjoy it for what it is or ignore it for what it is not."