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‘Reverse Angle’ is a landmark exhibition, arranged and created solely by artists, of over 200 Chicago area and Viennese artists’ works.

The exhibition, organized jointly by TransCultural Exchange Chicago and Vienna’s Kulturverein Transcult, is one of the first initiatives of its kind.  In the spirit of Kulturverein Transcult’s inception, artists from Chicago and Vienna have been working together to mount an extensive show and to establish an international exchange of ideas, styles and techniques.

The Viennese group began in 1983 when it opened its own gallery, CULT, in order to realize shows that more established galleries thought might not be commercially viable. The gallery’s success led to the opening of four more galleries, which resulted in the art critic Miguel Schmid dubbing the group Transcult.  By 1988 many works by Kulturverein Transcult’s members had been acquired by major museums—most notably the Albertina—and the group had mounted its first show outside of Vienna in Cologne, West Germany.

In May of 1989 the Viennese group will arrive in Chicago to participate with a group of like-minded Chicago artists in an exhibition entitled ‘Reverse Angle.’  The show will take place at TransCultural Exchange in the Ludwig Drum Factory, located at 1728 N. Damen (entrance at 2012 W. St. Paul), Chicago from April 28th to May 31st.   The Chicago portion of the show will then travel to Vienna’s prestigious exhibition space WUK Kunsthalle, where it will be on view from October 1st to November 5th.

The Chicago selection, which consists of over 100 objects by approximately 35 artists, was chosen for its quality, for a balanced grouping (i.e. figurative and abstract works were sought and every media was considered so that Chicago painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and photography is represented) and for each artist’s willingness to participate in an alternative group show. The hope is that this group will continue in the spirit of Kulturverein Transcult to mount shows that are not necessarily commercially viable, but are significant artistic expressions.

In conjunction with the show in Chicago, a panel discussion focusing on the international issues presented by the exhibition will take place. For this purpose a number of Chicago’s well known, established artists, such as Ed Paschke, are participating in the show.  The hope is that the panel discussion may lead to some conclusions about the future direction of established Chicago art, emerging Chicago art and international art as represented by the works from Vienna.

The exhibition is being coordinated at TransCultural Exchange Chicago by Chicago’s Gallery Vienna director Leslie Rutz and at Vienna’s Kulturverein Transcult by Erich Praschak.  The accompanying catalogue, which contains black and white reproductions of the works in the exhibition, the German filmmaker Wim Wender’s screenplay for the film ‘Reverse Angle’ and writing by Chicago and Viennese writers, is published by the Chicago literary magazine ACM.  Transportation assistance has been provided by Konrad Landauer of Trans Global.  The use of the historic Ludwig Drum Factory is made possible thanks to the generosity of Henderson Realty and Development Corporation.

For more information, please contact Leslie Rutz at 312-951-0300.  Inquires for hosting the show in its entirety or in an abbreviated form are encouraged.

For those who are members of the press:
Some of the Viennese Artists will be in Chicago in April working on pieces for the exhibition. Interviews or more information can be obtained by calling Leslie at 312.951.0300.

Chicago Artists:

Ed Paschke

Ruby Louise Barnes
Brenda Barnum
Marlene Bauer
Maryrose Carroll
R. Clarke-Davis
Donald Depuydt
Paul Drueke
Jonathan Franklin
Aristotle Georgiades
Sharon Gilmore
Steven Gross
Michael Heltzer
Ruyell Ho
Paul Hotchkiss
Linda King
Dvid Kotker
Mark Krastof
Mark Kretzmann
Charles Kurre
Kim Larson
O. Evan Lewis
Lys Martin
Kathryn Neely
Magda Osterhuber
Marica Palozolo
Tom Palozolo
Ulli Rooney
Barbara Scharres
Christopher Scorfina
Kenneth Shaw
Mary Sherman
Gail Simpson
John Steczynski
Ginny Sykes
Rogelio Tijerina
Maria Tomasula
Mirtes Zwierzynski

Viennese Artists:
Anatole Ak
Tassilo Blittersdorff
Karl Heinz Bloyer
Cornelia Foerch
Manuela Froudarakis
Karin Hazelwanter
Kim Hogben
Barbara Hoeller
Martin Kaltner
Herbert Kerschbaum
Gunter Koller
Peter Laminger
Aurelia Llois
Hubert Lobnig
Doris Mademann
Koloman Mayrhofer
Werner Mentl
Masumi Miyai
Erich Novoszel
Wolfgang Pavlik
Ulrich Plieschnig
Erich Paraschak
Konrad Rautter
Reihold Rebhandl
Wolfgang Reichmann
Anne Schmees
Margund Smolka
Wof-Dieter Stoffelmeier
Margit Taus
Josef Trattner
Markus Treml
Robert Zahornicky



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