Mechanical Universe, Part I: The Pastoral
Mechanical Universe was created as TransCultural Exchange's contribution to the 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival. Rudi Punzo shipped his cyber insects to Boston, where Mary Sherman created their living spaces, part irreverent homage to Donald Judd, part reverent homage to Jean Tinguely and Alexander Calder. But pure Punzo and Sherman.

Each 'box' is a collage of highly textured paint and polished aluminum. At the push of a button, the doors open at staggered intervals, revealing a host of musical 'cyber insects,' before slamming close. The individual 'boxes' also can be re-configured to respond to the architecture of the space in which the piece is exhibited. The idea is to create an up-dated, modular version of the 17th century Italian pastoral by way of the 21st century.



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