Date: July 25, 2008
Place: The St. Pancras Railway Station, London
Time: Opening at 7 pm
Artists: Gulay Alpay, Mikki Ansin, Caroline Anderson, Ilona Anderson, Ruby Barnes, Theodore Cantrell, Chien Yin-Ju, Bonnie Clark, Dorothea Fleiss, Audrey Goldstein, Victoria Hanks, Ho Ming-Kuei, Terry Jenoure, Doris Kloster, Peter Lindenmuth, Thomas Matsuda, Naveed Nour, Pan, Ping- Yu, Klaus Postler, Amy Sanford, Anne LaPrade Seuthe, Mary Sherman and Mirjana Ugrinov Coordinated in London by Lesley Strange and Nancy Waters.

Reviving the off-the-wall exhibition format of TransCultural Exchange's initial London Biennale participation in 2000, TransCultural Exchange again is staging a show in which none of the works are on the wall and all of the works will be given away for free. For this year's Biennale - in honor of the London Biennale's opening in Paris - the group's exhibition will be found on their audiences' wrists. Each participating TransCultural artist has made a unique bracelet that will be given to those who come to St Pancras Railway Station at 7:00 pm on July 25, 2008 to pick one up and 'exhibit' it whenever they wear it thereafter.


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