uboc No. 1 & stuVi2 was made possible through the efforts of numerous individuals. First and foremost, I would like to thank Florian Dombois for so graciously offering us his work. Next, I would like to thank Lynne Allen, Director of Boston University's School of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts, without whom this piece would never have been realized, and George Dodsworth, Graham Small and Joe Schmitt of Lightwave International, who so steadfastly and gallantly stood by this project from beginning to end. I also would like to thank Ty Furman, the Director of Boston University's Arts Initiative - Office of the Provost, Benjamin Juárez, Dean of Boston University's College of Fine Arts and Boston University for making their property available to TransCultural Exchange as well as David Gaudet, whose expert knowledge of the site proved a godsend. My deepest thanks to Siyi Wang for so brilliantly carrying out the design of this publication, and to Alicia Kennedy, Tanya Grueneberger, Katherine Higgins and Taylor Smith for their assistance in proofreading. A big thank you to swissnex Boston's very generous sponsorship of this project - in particular, Andreas Rufer and Pascal Mortimer, who arranged for me to travel to Switzerland, where I saw Dombois' Szkieletor and Btękitek, which debuted at Krakow's ArtBoom Fesitval and, subsequently, asked the artist to create a piece for this conference. Andreas also deserves extended thanks for bringing SWISS airlines and swissnex San Francisco into the project as a sponsors. Both Sophie Lamparter at swissnex San Francisco and SWISS airlines warrant special thanks for stepping outside their regional borders in recognition of the project's significance.






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