Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Thing: Part II   Transformed

Exquisite Corps Project
Mary Corey March • USA
Gosia Wlodarczak • Australia
Cereinyn Ord • England/Canada
Renate Reisky • Germany
Simone Stoll • Germany Jan Kolling • The Netherlands
Shaida Parveen • Pakistan/England
Aldo Carhuancho Herrera • Peru
Ewa Wrobel • Poland
Javier Puertolas • Spain
Megan Faye • United Kingdom
Michela Griffo • USA
John Himmelfarb • USA
Annysa Ng • USA/China
Chris Saari • USA

Nathan Parker • Chinese
Susan Scrimshaw • Spanish

Speaking of their collaborative piece, the group’s organizer Corey March writes, “The Exquisite Corps project is based…[on] the classical DaDA/Surrealist drawing exercise “Exquisite Corpse” in which one artist begins a drawing and passes it on to another to add to. There have been many variations on the rules, but that is the essential aspect. Exquisite Corps gives meaning to the original nonsense words by simply dropping an ‘e’. Exquisite means carefully selected or flawlessly executed, while Corps is a group of people with a common activity acting under common direction.”

The artists were selected on the basis of the high quality of their personal work and with an aim to put together as diverse a group as possible in terms of style, media, geographic location, conceptual framework and career experience. They then were asked to participate in a form of the “Exquisite Corpse” exercise online. Each artist submitted one Primary Stage piece, added to at least three pieces without finishing them and finished at least one piece. There was no limit to how many they could alter and finish. They also could use any media that could be translated into two dimensions and uploaded for other artists to alter. Because of the digital nature of the work, this project (unlike the original exercise) can track multiple variations on the same drawings to create branches of interpretations of single pieces.

It is interesting to note some of the difficulties the team encountered. As Corey March writes: “All in all, the artistic process has gone well, while being a bit hampered by practical difficulties. Coordinating with nineteen other artists around the world has proven more difficult than I anticipated, even with the technology of today. Programs like Babelfish have helped with the translation of e-mails, and various translators have helped with more official text, but language is still often a barrier. The different levels of Internet access and connection speed that each artist has have affected the participation as well.

“Our programmer has been creating specialized programs for the project using new programming languages and techniques. Unfortunately as Allan Kay said, ‘Technology is everything that doesn’t work yet,’ and we’ve encountered problems as old systems deal with new programs. In terms of the art itself, the artists have expressed many of the things I hoped they would feel in participating in the project: enthusiasm, inspiration, fun and the benefit of new perspectives on artwork (their own and that of others). The possibilities that would not occur to one person are expressed by another, and an exchange of artistic expression is unfolding.”

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