Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Thing: Part I   Musical

Mario Rechtern Linda Clave Collaboration
Linda Clave • USA
Mario Rechtern • Austria

These artists’ collaboration will consist of an exhibition of paintings, drawings, writings and recordings of earlier work along with a live, videotaped musical performance by saxophonist Rechtern, accompanied by Clave’s painting on stage with him.

Clave writes, “Gestures of colored paint on the canvas…[are] interwoven with musical tones creating a mutual context for improve. Mario, who has been a painter and a set designer, often relies on a rectangular reflector facing his saxophone displaying a series of colors…matched to tonal shifts…”

For example, in one performance Rechtern was playing what he refers to as 'sky,' inspired by Clave's blue brushwork. Both feel energized by the impromptu atmosphere performing in front of a live audience and responding back and forth to the work of each other. Clave writes, “Being in the moment, in a state of total presence, I feel electrified, giving my work vibrancy and strength. The presence of the audience amplifies my awareness of the decisive effect each gesture or mark will have on the work…Mario is uplifted by the extension of possibilities each combination can contribute to his ongoing search in the limitless boundaries of sound and their effects on the shape of space.” The artists would like to thank Eric Zinman, the New Language Collaborative (Eric Zinman, Syd Smart and Glynis Loman), Videosphere’s Julie O’Neil and Werner Grundl for their help.

Exhibition Venues:
The Brookline Tai Chi Center Space • Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
May 8, 2008
including The New Language Collaborative

OUTPOST 186 • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
March 29—April 29, 2009
Performance dates: TBA

OUTPOST 186 is a new arts, media and performance space. Continuing the best traditions of the Zeitgeist Gallery, OUTPOST 186 hosts several ongoing series of experimental music and performance events Wednesday through Sunday as well as special art exhibits. It also serves as a node for progressive and experimental media.