Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part II   Nomadic

Image: Cristina Fernández

Nomad: Women on the Move
Elizabeth Ross • Mexico
Dorothea Fleiss • Germany/Romania
Cristina Fernández • Spain
Teresa Puig • Spain/Norway

These artists’ work is based on the fundamental premise that “migration is creating a completely new, globalized woman. Most often from poor countries, women have to migrate to find a way of survival.” They leave their land, families and cultural roots to face an often-harsh welcome in their new surroundings. Through video, photos, audio materials and objects, these artists researched the cities where they live to create a multi-media installation—part photo documentary, part interview, part installation.

Exhibition Venues:
Convent de San Agustí • Barcelona, Spain
March 5—31, 2009
Centre Cívic Convent San Agustí is a former convent and military building now used for art and culture in Ribera de Barcelona.

Augusta Savage Gallery, University of Massachusetts •
Amherst, USA
April 1—10, 2009
The Augusta Savage Gallery, located in New Africa House at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is a multicultural and multi-arts facility. Named in honor of renowned sculptor Augusta Savage, the Gallery was founded in 1970 by the Afro-American Studies Department. Its mission is to promote artistic works from a broad spectrum of cultures. Each exhibit is selected for its aesthetic integrity and its ability to enlighten the viewer on such issues as race, ethnicity, class and cultural identity.

NA-H–VISION • Stuttgart, Germany
February 21—March 7, 2009
NA-H–VISION is the D.fleiss & East West Artists e.V Professional Artists Association’s space for international exhibitions.

Tou Scene • Stavanger, Norwary
March 27 (Screening)
Tou Scene is a center for contemporary art in the east end of Stavanger on Norway’s southwest Coast.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce, Morelia • Michoacán, Mexico
July—August 2009
MACAZ (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce) is the main Contemporary Art Museum in the State of Michoacan, México.