Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part II   Psychic

Worldwide Dreams
Kim Sillen Gledhill • USA
Kakoli Sen • India

Of their collaboration, Sillen Gledhill writes, “Kakoli Sen and I, two painters from India and New York City respectively, are working on a collaborative project called Worldwide Dreams, which examines the hopes, dreams and desires of people from communities on opposite sides of the globe. We’re working with marginalized individuals on the fringes of society, such as the homeless and destitute, as well as individuals from mainstream and celebrated walks of life. “After interviewing and photographing the participants in our own cities, and recording the conversations with digital media, we are then exchanging the photographic and audio records. Each of us is creating portraits of the other’s subjects with sensitivity to the materials we’ve received. Our exhibition will include the complete set of painted portraits from both continents, as well as an audio element chronicling the subjects’ own words and an element of written commentary. “In creating this project, we hope to bring to light the differences or lack thereof that exist between people from the most diverse set of circumstances. Do the wealthy from New York City essentially long for the same things for their children as the servant from Mumbai? Are the recurring dreams of a researcher from Brooklyn anything like those of a respected spiritual leader in India? These are the kinds of questions we are fascinated by and are investigating. Perhaps we will find that social standing and environment certainly does play a crucial role in determining the desires of the soul; however, we might also find that people want basically the same things out of life…” The work has been quite moving. As Sillen Gledhill writes of one encounter: “One interview is of a homeless man, originally from Poland, whom I met in Thompkins Square Park in the East Village. Upon asking him what he dreams about, he answers that he doesn’t dream. Then he adds—as if by obligation—that he dreams about women. When I ask him what he really longs for from life, he breaks down in a raw moment, answering that he prays every day to conquer his drinking and gambling addiction. I cut the camera.”

Exhibition Venue:
ART@IGC at the Raandesk Gallery of Art •
New York City, New York, USA
June 4—July 3, 2009
Raandesk Gallery of Art, a virtually-based resource for contemporary art by emerging artists, presents ART@IGC, a dedicated gallery space to showcase exhibitions of contemporary art with In Good Company (IGC), a flexible shared workspace for entrepreneurial women located in a spacious loft just blocks from the Chelsea gallery district.