Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part I   Urban

Urban Themes, Western/Eastern Cities
Walter Crump •
Gulay Alpay • Turkey

Crump writes, “A certain maximalism approach to our painting unites our works. Gulay uses collage, assemblage and seemingly spontaneous, broad gestural marks. Much of her work is on silk and has an ethereal quality. I use a variety of media in my painting, including photography; and I work in a compulsive and meticulous fashion.” Alpay, who lives in Istanbul, has spent time in the West visiting New York and other Western cities; and Crump has spent time in the East visiting Istanbul and living for a time in Lahore, Pakistan. “I have an extensive collection of photographs of both our cities,” Crump writes, “and to start our collaboration Gulay is collaging transparent pigment prints of my images on silk. We also have discussed working collaboratively on silk, sending the work back and forth and eventually deciding jointly when a piece is ‘finished.’ “We are taking a open-ended approach—treating our collaborative work as a dialogue or a journey without a predestined destination—taking many side trips and unexpected twists and turns, hopefully creating a number of joint works that contain both our signatures, but at the same time transcend each individual’s perceptions and approach.”

Exhibition Venue:
Distillery Gallery • Boston, Massachusetts, USA
April 3—May 15, 2009
The Distillery Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery space located in the heart of the Distillery studio building in South Boston, MA. Focused on providing a legitimate outlet for artists working within the Distillery community, the gallery also welcomes invited guests to utilize the unique exhibit space throughout the year.