Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part V   Educational Component


Collaboration: Anticipating the Art of the Future
Taipei National University of the Arts,
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts' Artist-in-Residence workshop, Taipei, Taiwan

The first set of projects for HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE: ANTICIPATING THE ART OF THE FUTURE grew out of a workshop specifically designed to explore collaborative practices. The workshop, comprised of faculty, students and artists outside of the University’s community took place at the Taipei National University of the Arts’ Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. Five teams were formed, ideas developed, works made and then exhibited from July 11—August 31, 2008. Not surprisingly some of the themes that arose from the process were a desire to communicate in a world in which connections are both easier and more difficult, a sense of fragmentation and longing and a quest for new images that reflect meaning in a world in which universal truths seem harder and harder to find. Thus, to express their group’s ideas, Team B created a lone telephone booth that they called throughout the duration of the show, hoping museum visitors would answer their ringing plea to connect to them. Team A generously provided viewers with what seemed to be blank frames, but in actuality were moveable reflections of worlds that the viewers could create themselves. Team D offered museum-goers a walk-in sky and guidebook where they could project their own desires. Team E constructed a kinetic sculpture where the individual elements can never really meet, but only reflect one another in passing, and, finally, Team C described our fragmented world through a soundtrack of disembodied voices. As important as the works made, was the time the artists spent together. Working through culture shock, stifling heat and trying to translate complex thoughts into English helped forge many life-long friendships.
Participating Workshop Artists:
Team A: Kelvin Tsai, Huang Hsin-Yi, A Gu Lai (Van), Eileen Song, Yow Chee Hoe
Team B: Chen Chih-Yu, Wu I-Fan, Hu Jui-Chen, Chuang Yi-Jou, Jung Hee- Jin, Chen Chun-Wen
Team C: Chong Yi-Kei, Fan Sih-Ci, Ho Tsan Wen, Lin Shin-Mei, Chang Feng-Shih, Huang Po-Chih
Team D: Pan Ping-Yu, Fujui Wang, Tao Ya-Lun, Chen Chang-Chi, Fong Yen-Hsiang, Mary Sherman
Team E: Mary Sherman, Yannick Franck

Special thanks to Ahguei Ho, Director Chu and the entire Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts’ staff.

This project was supported by the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program, which is designed to provide short-term academic opportunities for USA faculty and professionals, and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, which aims to enhance the exchange experience between national and international artists, university students and tutors, and museum staff and their audiences.

Exhibition Venue:

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts,
Taipei, Taiwan
July 7-August 30, 2008

The Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts is an integral part of the Taipei National University of the Arts, staging international exhibitions, art festivals and educational programs. Academically, the museum focuses on the interaction between international and local artistic practices, actively encouraging joint projects in art and academic research. In this way, the Kuandu Museum has become a significant contributor to international and national cultural development.