Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part III   Community

Audrey Goldstein • USA
Dennis Simms • Germany

About their collaboration, Goldstein writes,
“How we meet, connect and network are the central concerns of Point-to-Point. The generation of empathetic responses between people forms the basis of the work. The piece consists of a sculptural backpack with a soundtrack and video projected onto the backpack’s surface. Point-to-Point reflects Goldstein’s fascination with the full spectrum of interpersonal relationships, from chance encounters and familial ties to the disembodied and remote intimacy of the online world. “Goldstein wore a backpack sculpture during her performance at the 2008 DUMBO Art Festival in New York. While greeting people walking through the festival, she engaged in conversation with them and collected their written signatures. A diagram was later made from the data collected from the groups of individuals she met. This drawing was then used in building the Here, There and Everywhere backpack. The video projected on the backpack during the exhibition is of her encounters from the DUMBO performance.
“Simms’ soundtrack is a compilation of found and generated sound. He used his own connections with other musicians in Berlin’s music clubs to cull sound for the piece. He integrated this found sound with street sounds and that of a heartbeat to create a work that reflects the rhythm of the walks Goldstein took during her performance.”

Exhibition Venue:
The Adams Gallery, Suffolk University Law School •
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
April 2009
The Adams Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting works that deal with a political or historical theme.