Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
People: Part I   Identity

Deborah Wing-Sproul • USA
Ling Wen Tsai • Taiwan

One/another is a video performance collaboration with Wing- Sproul and Tsai.
(The video is intended as a single channel video projection; duration to be determined.)
About their project, the artists write, “In today’s political climate considerable emphasis is placed on culture and cultural identity, primarily focusing on differences between populations. Instead of embracing a polar stereotype of East/West, Tsai and Wing-Sproul collaborate out of a shared sensibility with one another and the world at large. One half of a split-screen focuses solely on Tsai; the other half on Wing-Sproul. The video is a document of their respective physical explorations of a single interior environment. Their reciprocal approach to space and time makes visible an intangible, shared sensibility.”

Exhibition Venues:
SPACE Gallery • Portland, Maine, USA
March 4—30, 2009
SPACE Gallery opened in 2002 as an interdisciplinary art space that presents contemporary, emerging and unconventional arts, artists and ideas. SPACE ’s programming is widely varied each month and includes visual arts exhibitions, live music and other performances, film screenings, lectures and artist talks, events for children and much more.

Tampopo ArtSpace (Tampopo) • Tainan County, Taiwan
March 4—30, 2009
Tampopo ArtSpace is a non-profit, grass-roots, artist-run space bringing people together through an eclectic mix of artistic activities and cultural events. Located in southern Taiwan, Tampopo was originally built as a small farmhouse by a local family in an attempt to preserve and conserve the farmland that was passed down through the generations. Through the vision and passion of the owner/founder Liou Shin-Hui, Tampopo has become a space for creative expression. As an artist, dancer and educator, Liou has cultivated an open-minded environment for teaching, learning and sharing.