Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Thing: Part I   Hybrid

Antoine Abi Aad • Lebanon • Graphic Designer
Prof. Hasegawa • Japan • Linguist
Prof. Kobayashi • Japan • Linguist
Dr. Ono • Japan • Linguist

For their collaboration, three Japanese language professors from Japanfs University of Tsukuba collaborated with a graphic artist from Lebanon Antoine Abi Aad to create a series of exhibitions and books to teach foreigners Japanese. Two of these professors.Prof. Kobayashi and Dr. Ono.had taught Abi Aad Japanese when he was a student in the University of Tsukuba from 2001 to 2008. Afterwards, Dr. Ono asked Abi Aad to illustrate the book.

The illustrations I exhibited, Abi Aad wrote, are a part of a book to teach Japanese language to foreigners at an advanced level; thus, the purpose of the illustrations is only to add a little fun to the educative aspect of the book. Though I started my part of the project in Japan, we continued the collaboration through the net. Volume 1 was published in October 2009; Volume 2 was published in October 2010; Volume 3 is scheduled for 2011; and Volume 4 is not confirmed yet.

Abi Aad writes, gŠΏŽš, Kanji are the Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese writing. As the Iranians borrowed the Arabic letters to write Persian, the Japanese borrowed the Chinese characters (Kanji) to write Japanese. Writing in Japan today is a mixture of Kanji, Hiragana (sinusoidal syllabary), Katakana (angular syllabary), Arabic numerals and the occasional Latin alphabet.

The Ministry of Tourism Gallery. Beirut, Lebanon. October 10 - 18, 2008

Safadi Foundation . Tripoli, Lebanon. November 5-12, 2008

Published as:
Hasegawa, N. Kobayashi, M. Ono;

Hasegawa, N. Kobayashi, M. Ono;