Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Place: Part V   Urban

Peri Peripterou (About the Kiosk)

Dimitris Ameladiotis • Greece • Artist
Gieorgos Paliatsios • Greece • Artist
and the General Public from Greece and beyond.

About the Kiosk is the name of a collaborative project, produced by the team PalAmeA (Giorgos Paliatsios and Dimitris Ameladiotis). Their project consisted of a kiosk similar to those in Greek cities, towns and villages, where citizens can buy various things. As the artists explain,

“This Kiosk will work the same!

It will be continuously open to the public!

It will be accessible and familiar to everyone!

It will be integrated into the public space!

There will be various things and events inside and around the Kiosk!

It will be under the control of two people with special needs.

However, this Kiosk will differ from the “real” kiosks around us.

In this Kiosk transactions will be cultural and not commercial!

Unexpected events will occur during non defined times!

Everyone will be able to take part in the Kiosk, transforming it into an active workshop!

Everyone will be able to exhibit whatever they wish in the Kiosk, transforming it into a gallery!

Everyone will be able to decorate the Kiosk, transforming it into a public sculpture!

Everyone will give lots of information to this project! Everyone will receive lots of information from this experience!

Everyone will pass this Kiosk and will act in it, so that the final art work will be a very important social statement. Personally, we wish this Kiosk to be a 'temple' where many ways of expression can come together as a true collaboration. We invite everyone to create and become an art being!”

Thessaloniki Biennale (Supported by the State Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art)
• Thessaloniki, Greece • November 13-22, 2009

About the Kiosk took place in Aristotelous Square, the historical centre of Thessaloniki.
The main focus of this artwork was the collaboration among the artists and the public via the kiosk.