Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Place: Part IV   Urban

LAF (Light Art Food)
Dyan Marie • Canada • Artist
Kristen Antaya • Canada • Artist
Dougal Bichan • Canada • Artist
Richard Mongiat • Canada • Artist
David Owen • Canada • Artist
Ram Samocha • Canada • Artist
Orest Tataryn • Canada • Artist
and the General Public from Toronto and beyond, including Shelley Adler, Paulina Andrea Acevedo, Ala Al-Thibeh, Kristen Antaya, Daniel Au, Peter Baczynski, Nikolay Alexandrovich, Belyaev, Kaushiki Bhowmick, Dougal Bichan, Natalie Botzan, Laura Briggs, Emily Elizabeth Bunnett Jones, Michael Capobianco, Jason Tung Wa Chan, Cora Cluett, Laura Michelle Contini, Shannon Dang, Justin D’Entremont, Angela Fang, James Bernard Feiner, Vincent Feng, Taylor Lynn Ferguson, Justine Lynne Flanagan-Tordjman, Ingrid Daphne Fung, Arthur Goldstein, Nicholas Gooding, Camille Graham, Sarah Gudmundson, Moumee Habib, Su Yi He, Robert Heatherington, Alyse Hegmans, Michelle Heneault, Nadine Janelle Hiemstra, Jenna Elizabeth Holz, Chloe Huang, Adriaantje Coliene Huisman, Ashley Johnson, Young Suk Jun, Jennifer Kim, Penner Katie, Kendra (Yasmeena) Kaynes, Victor Kloeze, Catherine Law, Fiona Lee, Justin Lee, Kristina Hurdes, Qing Li, Kun (Zac) Liao, Andrea Hanna Lorentz, Deanna Loewen, Shu Pui Lui, Julia Josephine Manzo, Stephen Marie-Rhodes, Laura Elizabeth McLellan, Jesse Shawn McLinton, Richard Mongiat, Jennifer Monuk, Luye (Mary) Mu, Sasha Nelson, Julie Oakes, Yue (Mike) Pan, Jenine Paul, Yann Peeters, De Karlo Phipps, Jenna Pilon, Alexander Robinson, Taras Rybak, Ram Samocha, Veronika Shelestunova, Anujah Sivakumar, Ray Sun, Kamil Sitnik, Daphne Eng Tai, Orest Tataryn, Maria Tchernikova, Kyle Thompson, Geetha Thrairajah, Catherine Vamvakas, Natiea Vinson, Prashanna Vivekananda, Kristy Wabrik, Andrew Scott Wallace, Christina Anne Wilkinson, Tengteng Zhang, Giovanna Zi Jing Wu and Eddie Zou Ziqing. Place_

For LAF—or, Light, Art and Food—artists, stores and restaurant owners collaborated to turn Bloordale (Bloor Street, from Lansdowne to Dufferin) into a late-fall walking destination on a cold, dark November 21st. Artists created small nightlight sculptures for Bloordale streetlamps to light up Bloor Street. The local community was invited to the Nightlight party to make additional lights. Retail stores transformed their shop windows with light and art projects. A number of special events and exhibitions were staged throughout Bloordale; and restaurants opened their kitchens for the public to enjoy taster menus at marginal cost.

LAF included a number of components, including:

New Light
A newly commissioned light sculpture by artist Orest Tataryn
Corner of Bloor Street and St. Clarens

Red Green Blue Light & Red Green Blue Food
(Installation with light and paper works and participation project by artist Vincent Pollard)
Café Stella, 1216 Bloor Street

Day and Night
Exhibition by Richard Mongiat
Crown Furniture, 1231 Bloor Street

Music and Food
Solo jazz piano by Tania Gill
Holy Oak Cafe, 1241 Bloor Street

Reflected Light
Painting by Kristen Antaya
Barber Shop, 1281 Bloor Street

Bike Light
Window Installation
Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop, 1204 Bloor Street

Clean Light
Neon Light Window Installation by Orest Tataryn
Clean Rite Coin Laundry, 1268 Bloor Street West

Light Architecture
David Owen, lighting installation on Bloordale

Cover Up, Drawing Performance
Projection by Ram Samocha
Cafe Piccolino at 1201 Bloor St

RGB • Music on stage at Duffy’s
The Max Metrault Trio, Shady Tree, Robert Davis and Anthony Smith
Duffy’s Billboard Club & Bar, 1238 Bloor Street

The Light of the World
Dovercourt Baptist Church, Dufferin and Bloor

Light Pole
An array of choreographed LEDs, set to music
In the store window, 1209 Bloor Street West

LED lit sculptures attached to Bloordale streetlight poles on Bloor Street from Dufferin Street to Lansdowne Ave

Venues (for other activities)
Restaurants • Bloordale, Toronto, Canada
123 Pizza, 3-Chelles, Africa Delight, Bloor Village Churasqueria, Café Piccolini, Café Stella, Calico Café, Caribbean Queen of Patties, Chito’s Pizza, Dales, Duffy’s, Holy Oak Café, Kara Altin Coffee Shop, Latin World Rosery, Pho My Duyen, Pizza Pizza, Sheger Café, South Asian Dosa Mahal, Subway, Teekam’s Taste, Three Speed, Vena’s Restaurant and Best Roti in Town Galleries • Bloordale, Toronto, Canada Mercer Union, 253469 and Function Gallery November 21, 2009