Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Place: Part III   Ecological

Photo Credit: Janice Perry, Caroline Wright
Montage: Ines Berrizbeitia

Janice Perry USA Performance and Visual Artist
Yoko Ishiguro Japan Performance Artist
Caroline Wright England Performance and Visual Artist
and members of the General Public (solicited on Facebook and through email). These included people from a wide range of disciplines, including a chemist, computer programmer, massage therapist, horticulturist, teacher, lawyer, union organizer, mathematician, composer and a number of non-profit administrators, among many, many others.

waterFALL used traditional visual art techniques and media, as well as video, audio, live performance and new media to create a number of interdisciplinary installations, live performances and visual art works that reference the physical and performative properties of fresh and salt water in relation to climate change.

These works included Drinking Fallen Water From Sky (lead artist Janice Perry), a simultaneous performance in which 60+ participants worldwide collected water from the sky and drank it simultaneously; Residue (lead artist Caroline Wright), which consisted of the three collaborators evaporating salt from the North Sea, and Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, then trading, mixing and returning the mixed salts to the waters; and A Glass of Water (lead artist Yoko Ishiguro). For A Glass of Water each collaborator created pieces based on the theme of a glass of water.

Venues (For the different project components)
Drinking Fallen Water From Sky February 2010!/profile.php?id=100000755884706&ref=profile

Residue Tokyo Bay; North Sea; Suffolk, England; Seoul, South Korea; Bristol Harbor, Narragansett Bay and Bristol, Rhode Island, USA; South Slang and Ferrisburgh, Vermont, USA March-October 2010

Bridge Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul, South Korea April 2010

Glass of Water Various locations worldwide June 2010

Waterfootprints Ueno Onshi Park, Tokyo, Japan July 2010

Trial Balloons Ipswich Harbor, Felixstowe and Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, England May 2010

30 Feet and Water Under the Bridge Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, England May 2010