Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Place: Part I   Historical

The Granary
Janet Goldner • USA • Sculptor
Dolo Amahiguere • Mali • Sculptor
Ballo Family • Mali • Blacksmiths
Boubacar Doumbia • Mali • Visual Artist

The Granary is a public sculpture sited on a major highway in Segou, Mali. The Association—a group of Segou artists including Boubacar Doumbia and Amahiguere Dolo—invited artist Janet Goldner to collaborate with them to create this sculpture. The Ballos—a family of blacksmiths in Segou—fabricated the work. Janet, Boubacar and Dolo designed the sculpture; and Janet, whose medium is welded steel, worked with the Ballo family during its fabrication. The work is based on Bamana history, symbolism and mythology. The Association Segou-Laben realized a series of contemporary art projects in the early 2000's to beautify this ancient, historic city, the capital of the Bamana Empire.
The sculpture plays an important role in of the renewal of Segou.

Segou • Mali • Permanently installed in 2006