Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Place: Part I   Historical

Mauer Spiel (Wall Play)
Maggie Stark • USA • Visual Artist
Brian Robison • USA • Musician
Stewart Clements • USA • Director of Photography
The Goethe Institute • Collaborating Institution

In December of 2009, Maggie Stark had the opportunity to spend a month in Berlin on a cultural fellowship from the Goethe Institute. While there, she became fascinated with the festivities surrounding the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and began to examine the implications and associations surrounding the Wall before and after its demise. This experience inspired her video Mauer Spiel (Wall Play). The primary motif in the video is the hopscotch board. Unlike the game hopscotch, which produces an oppositional winner and loser, Mauer Spiel’s players/adversaries are locked in a joint effort to illuminate and extinguish pre-existing patterns.

The composer Brian Robison has created music for Mauer Spiel that moves in counterpoint to the video images, creating a dynamic balance with the shifting constellations onscreen. Just as the performers activate various lights in the matrix to articulate different lines and shapes, depending on which isolated points are shining in a given instant, the music grows from recordings of the performers in action, multiplying their isolated points of sound to generate contrasting pulse streams and transient clouds of harmony. However, rather than mirror the video's geometries, the music suggests an independent game with its own rules, rhythms and goals.

Haslla Art World Museum • Gangwon-do Gangneung, South Korea
August 2010 • Haslla International Museum Symposium

The Haslla Art World Museum is a cultural park and museum hosting international symposia and residencies bringing artists together to share ideas and to explore different cultural perspectives.