Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
Place: Part I   Historical

Villa Lithuania
Gediminas Urbonas Lithuania Artist
Nomeda Urbonas Lithuania Artist
and a team of Italian and Lithuanian pigeon handlers, including those from
the Italian Pigeon Fanciers Association

Villa Lithuania takes as its starting point the sensitive political issue of the former Lithuanian Embassy in Rome, which was handed over to the Soviets by Mussolini in 1940 and is today viewed as the "last occupied territory" of Lithuania.
Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas project draws attention to this diplomatic anomaly through a "doves of peace" pigeon race from Venice to Rome for the 52nd Venice Biennale.
The liberation of a symbolic first batch of homing pigeons from a military barge near the Giardini to destinations in Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Russia, is conceived as part of an architectural intervention into the politics of national representation.

52nd Venice Biennale Venice, Italy 2007