Here There and Everywhere: The Art Of Collaboration
People: Part I   Biology

Corpus Apparatus
Laura Evans • US • Sculptor
Demetrius Spaneas • Greece/USA • Composer and Musician

Laura Evans and Demetrius Spaneas write of their work, “Human and Machine.
What is the relationship between the biological and the mechanical? What makes one so very different from the other? . . . are they so different? The human body is, in many ways, the perfect machine. The most successful mechanical and technological creations are based on specific functions of the human body.”

Corpus Apparatus is Evans and Spaneas’ “exploration into the relationships between what in certain circles would be perceived as the unholy blending of the ‘created’ and the ‘made’.

“Laura Evans' sculptural forms are made with chicken wire, plaster wrap and paper pulp among other simple materials at hand. They are directly modeled and feature characteristics of both biomorphic and mechanical forms.
Demetrius Spaneas' compositions draw upon ancient and deep musical forms. He combines acoustic instruments with computer-generated and altered sounds to create intriguing aural environments.”

For their project, they envision either one large sculpture with multiple "openings" through which sound will emerge (each one slightly different as one moves around the sculpture) or several smaller sculptures within a designated space, which project different and interwoven "voices".

Boston Sculptors Gallery • Boston, Massachusetts, USA • April 2011

Boston Sculptors is a landmark cooperative and has served as an alternative venue for exciting, innovative solo sculpture exhibitions since 1992.