London Biennale 2008


Mirjana Ugrinov

Anne LaPrade Seuthe
United States

coins, glass beads, maps

Anne LaPrade Seuthe makes paintings using maps of all varieties as her ground. About the bracelet, the artist writes, “I call this bracelet ‘Currency’. It is made from coins distorted by a moving train passing over them while they lay flat on the tracks. They were the gift from a friend. Other “coins” I made from maps, originally sold by the U.S. government, and which came to me as a gift from a fellow artist who found them in a ‘free pile’ on the side of a road. The aqua glass beads that complete the piece hold no intrinsic value, except that they too, were a gift from someone close. In making this piece, my thoughts centered on the notion of currency, the practice of giving freely, holding dear, gain and loss. It is fitting then, that this bracelet’s ultimate purpose is to be given away – to be coveted or cast off. Proving, I suppose, that value, like the speed of the train that pressed these coins, is relative and easily altered.”