London Biennale 2008


Mirjana Ugrinov

Mirjana Ugrinov
United States

segments of an antique book (of the 13th Century romantic poem 'The Chatelaine of Vergi' by the unknown French poet is 'sealed' and presented as a decorative object), book binding cotton, bronze powder, acrylic medium

Mirjana Ugrinov is a Chicago painter and fiber artist at ease with a wide range of materials. Her passion for poetry and the written word resulted in an ongoing collaboration with national and international poets during the past several  years. By integrating text and visual art she explores the parallel creative process of artist and poet, thereby embracing a new direction in her work. Her bracelets made out of found objects, explore the direct and indirect presence of poetry imbedded in a wearable object.

Note: included with the bracelet are several original pages, illustration and  Introduction to the book 'The Chatelaine of Vergi': A Romance of The XIIIth Century: Translated by Alice Kemp Welch: CHATTO AND WINDUS: PUBLISHERS, London 1907