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TEVAUHA(Thomas Volkmar Held)
(Thalmassing , Germany)

Proposal for Charles River Bank
blue tree/Blue Tree
"Blue like our planet."

The tree will be made out of four high curved, concrete planes with a closed ball, mounted on 2 of the planar pedestals in the center of the structure. Each plane is a different shade of blue.

The tree looks different, depending on where one stands: The outer crust of the pillars include an irrigation system so that the tree constantly drips like rain. Entering the structure is a surface built with nobly steel, which mirrors the sky above, creating an optical illusion, as if one has entered the heavens.

Thus, from one angle, the blue sculpture looks like a clear outline of a tree with water splashed on the ground. From another angle, this raining tree looks like two trees. This game with form and color creates constantly shifting optical effects.