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Ralph Brancaccio

Ralph G. Brancaccio
(Born in US, living in France)

Proposal for the lawn in front of
Harvard University's Kennedy School

"Untitled" is the title of my piece.   I do not feel that words of any language can fully express my sentiment of disbelief.  

Terrorists are brainwashed or coerced into battle, so we are told.   Is it any different for the children of our armed forces?

A metal cube with the image of the American flag on four sides will stand twelve feet tall.   Portraits of soldiers killed in Iraq will be juxtaposed against the blue field where our states are represented by stars.   The portraits placed on metal plates, will flip every ten seconds.   They will rotate like a flip clock form the 70's (white numbers on blackened metal).   As the top part falls to reveal the next soldier's picture you will hear the metal hit the bottom, and resonate in the hollowness of the cube.   The name of each solder, their date of birth and death will appear with their portrait.

Randomly three times an hour a trumpet will start playing Taps.   You will hear the first bars clearly. Then a second trumpet will begin to play, then a third and a forth.   They will play in a round like that of a children's song.   Instead of being in harmony they will sound in discord.  

My sadness deepened while working on this piece and getting to know four soldiers' faces that lost their life in Iraq.  

Ralph Brancaccio 2