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Pan Ping-Yu

Pan Ping-Yu

Proposal for MIT's Stata Center
Green Meditation

My attempts right now seem like an adventure. Before my works were independent entities, but now I find that they are connected with each other in a way that is hard to explain.

One of the subjects that I am dealing with is mythology. While most people are interested in mythological symbols, I'm interested in is how the myths' relate to human beings and how they are constructed.

I think mythology provides us with a cultural construct for which to view nature, the universe and ourselves. We admire the creativity and imaginary world of myths, only to then discover that they are also very grounded in the real world. I believe that myths are stories that are never ending-they are stories we need, create and re-create, similar to the notion of something that re-occurs, lapses and re-lapses. This notion is present in the form and construction of my works--actually, my works embody construction/ deconstruction and order/ disorder simultaneously.

Another theme that I am interested in is related to chaos theory. While I was trying to deal with ideas of order and disorder, chaos became an attractive theme to me. Chaos theory was a new science in 1970s. Its most important principles are non-linear dynamic and fractal geometry. These concepts explain how natural dynamics work and how basic elements (almost magically) built the universe by simply repeating and repeating small elements--and how sensitive these repetitions are to, thus, make this versatile world.

In most myths, the universe is said to have begun from chaos. Now we found the myth of chaos-- reductionism does not seems to completely explain how nature works, not does reductionism seem to completely control the world as it was. Yet reductionism was so important that it influenced all the methodology of knowledge.

Now I wonder, can chaos theory also inspire cultural or aesthetic theory? I have an assumption that art has been too rational in the late 20 century. I think art should be as sensitive and creative as nature is. I feel chaos is a keyword to understanding the secret of mythology. Mythology creates a harmonious world for humans' minds and the soul of nature.

I'm interested in the secrets of our minds. I seek answers though my working processes. I'm attracted to the meaningful signs and mysterious symbols in variety of objects. For me, many objects and myths have the potential to show the future.

I believe human beings attempt harmonious relationships with nature, the universe and their own lives by creating myths, art, and faiths. In my work, I try to create a place where people will feel warm, and not empty. I also hope my work will touch the lives, minds, and desires of my audience.