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Chu Teh-I

Proposal for the trail along Fresh Pond's Parkway

Chu Teh-I was born in Korea, where he lived until the age of 18. His parents were Chinese immigrants, which provided him with a unique view of two very different Asian cultures.

Unlike in other cultures, where to move a stone is a symbol of a mysterious power (through which a wish is granted, in Korea, if a person moves stones from the road that they are walking on, that person will relieve the pain from their body. Thus, Koreans move stones aside, pile them together, which encourages others to do the same thing, relieving their pain and making the road easier to walk along. Belief helps engender change. Hence, Chu Teh-I proposes making temporary stone piles, which can be changed any time by any viewer as a message to the community: For a community to improve its environment, people have to have a way to do something together and to interact with one another.